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Volcon Grunt Evo

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Note: Added to the Volcon retail price shown will be the Volcon factory to dealer shipping charges of $550. when you place the Grunt EVO into your shopping cart. The cart price does not include shipping charges to a final destination outside a 50 mile radius. Call for those shipping options. Customer delivery of your purchase from the dealership is free within 50 miles. You're going to love getting this bike home!

The new Grunt EVO is an innovative, easy-to-operate electric motorcycle that allows people to experience outdoor adventure or get work done in an efficient and fun way. With no gears, no clutch, no gas and little noise the Grunt is easy to ride and enjoy by off-road-enthusiast families, or those completely new to two wheels. Its torquey motor and innovative chassis lets it tackle the toughest terrain and conditions with ease. Work or play in a whole new way with the Volcon Grunt Evo. The 2023 Grunt Evo - in stock soon,. Stop by and reserve this all-electric fat tire ride, a nice fit here in the SW USA with our off-road trails, and hunting and ranching opportunities.

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