RENTAL & TOURS STARTS HERE - 1275 E. Red Hills Parkway, Suite 2, St. George, Utah


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       - The Vanderhall rentals require paved roads only - but no problem - these are world-class roads, parks, sites & views.

       - You will experience the thrill of driving a Vanderhall, but keep in mind the times listed by Google are driving times only.

          You will want to leave time for information centers, museums, pictures, hikes, restaurants, etc.   Or - like us - just drive and

          enjoy the road.  Vanderhall - THE ROAD IS CALLING

       - Enjoy your trip and if you need more time, call us as additional hours can be arranged at your current hourly rate (half day

          rental rate is $50. / hour, and full day rental rate is $ 43. / hour).

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1.  Half Day - Zion National Park

2.  Full Day - Grand Canyon North Rim

3.  Full Day - Lake Powell / Page, AZ

4.  Day - Zion  & Bryce National Park Loop

5.  Three Days - Zion / Bryce / Capital Reef

6.  Week - Loop through S. Utah Parks

7.  Two Days - Las Vegas & Hoover Dam

8.  Local 2 Hours - Veyo, Gunlock, Sand Hollow

9.  Three Days - Monument Valley

10.  Week -   Trails of the Ancients & Colorado  San Juans