Q:  What is a Vanderhall?

       A Vanderhall is a 3-wheel autocycle, unlike any other on the market. 

       If you have time, this short history is fascinating:

Q:  Are there different models?

       Yes.  Model Year 2020 includes the Venice, Carmel, and single seat Speedster.  An all electric Edison can be reserved for

       upcoming delivery.  You can view different models in our showroom.

Q:  What do you mean "unlike any other"?

       Vanderhall brings automotive engineering to the motorcycle market at an attractive price point.  You get a lot of value.

Q:  Where is it designed and manufactured?

       The Vanderhall factory is located in the United States in Provo, Utah.  It is a state-of-the-art facility.  Our dealership

       is located close by in St. George, Utah.  This simplifies and speeds delivery for our customers.

Q:  What kind of engine and powertrain?

       The award-winning GM 1.5 liter, 200HP ecotec engine provides the power and reliability discerning buyers look for.   The

       turbocharger provides strong acceleration - zero to sixty in under 4.5 seconds.

Q:  What makes the handling so great?       

      Front wheel drive vs. other's belt driven rear wheel drive ... its simply outstanding  engineering.   You judge.

Q:  Warranty?

       It is a 2-year unlimited miles warranty along with 2 years of road-side assistance.

Q:  Service?

       Change the synthetic oil every 7500 miles.  

Q:  License, Insurance, and Registration?

       Vanderhalls are insured and registered like motorcycles, but you don't need a motorcycle license endorsement. 

Q:  Do you offer both  sales and rentals?

       Yes - buy or rent a Vanderhall here and then enjoy the nearby National Parks in Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. 

       You'll want to take one home and drive it every day.

Q:  Do you offer military discounts?

      Yes.   We appreciate those that protect our freedoms  and keep us safe.  We always have specials for Active Duty  / Retired

     Military, Police and Fire Officers.  Thank you.  Here is our current SPECIAL:  

Q:  Take Trade-Ins?

       Yes - we are avid motorcycle riders and appreciate  that we get a similar experience on a Vanderhall.   Many Vanderhall

       owners currently own or have owned bikes ... and offering trades allows them to easily shift to an autocycle.  With the

       motorized  "trike" market over ten years old, we also find customers that want to trade other trikes in for a Vanderhall autocycle. 

       You can view our trade-in specials here:   SPECIALS