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Own Your Hood

One of the first things you notice as you drive your Vanderhall is the amount of looks you get. Smiles and thumbs up are guaranteed. “That is so cool!” “I love your car.” “What is it?” Filling up at the gas pump - pretty much guarantees you will make some new friends.

It got us thinking … A Vanderhall , already attractive, will be an amazing business MARKETING MACHINE - let's take it to the next level with a vinyl wrap, coupled with graphics, lettering, and logos on the hood and body. We thought if a company VAN can be an advertising medium – we can certainly do one better with a Vanderhall. So … we were off and running.

We now have the program in place - we call it “OWN YOUR HOOD.” With the program, we provide your company their own Vanderhall Venice hood, complete with your logo and graphics wrapped on it in vinyl material. Your company or organization can then purchase or rent a Vanderhall to be your MAGICAL marketing machine. As the program has developed, we have almost any color and / or graphic option for the whole body of the Vanderhall, or we can simply put your logo over the existing Venice factory colors of black, grey, pearl white, or burgundy.

Below you see a vinyl wrap in the final stages, here in Harley orange, with a black stripe. Our OWN YOUR HOOD program can be coupled with a series of Vanderhall Venice rentals, or a purchase of a Vanderhall. We have priced four ½ day rentals, along with your own wrapped hood, at $1899. Your hood is stored in our shop until you reserve a time and day for one of your rentals. We then mount the hood and have the vehicle polished and ready for you.

Perhaps your company has an important client in town, annual meetings, a promotional fair to attend, or something similar - the Vanderhall Venice will put your brand front and center. When out and about, it becomes your attractive mobile billboard - advertising your company to VIP’s - or giving them the ride of their life. Below you see one of our OWN YOUR HOOD partners, Redrock Broadcasting and Zion 104.1 FM, using their OWN YOUR HOOD at a monthly downtown event in St. George.

Other marketing departments and companies have seen the instant value in coupling colorful vinyl, their logo, and a Vanderhall. Pictured below is another of our customers, MOJO Marketing, who uses their hood and sides of the Vanderhall to promote their brand. Their Vanderhall was a company Christmas present, and the asset has proven to be a popular company addition. Employees jockey to use it for a variety of company events.

Our rental fleet here at Open Road is equipped with our logo and contact information (pictured below with a VIP). Want to check out how many looks you get? Rent one for a day and you'll see what we mean!

We have all the connections to make the process easy – including graphics designers and vinyl installers. Of course, as the Southern Utah Vanderhall dealer in St. George, we can assist with ordering your perfect Vanderhall, and insuring it is equipped with options you desire. Or, as your rental agent, Open Road Rentals will store your hood in a visible location at our store, further promoting your brand. As a dealer, we provide a variety of valuable services, and add factory vehicle options to your new Vanderhall at time of order, or later, if so desired.

Keep in mind we are familiar with financing and tax questions that relate to Vanderhall ownership (ultimately we refer you to tax & finance specialists). Vanderhall provides a financing option to individuals that might have an interest, so stop or call us - 435-218-7790, email at . This recent flyer below showcases financing programs often available.

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