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Driving a Vanderhall on a Cool Day

Ever visited the St. George Parade of Homes? It is one of the finest in the country, and one of many reasons the St. George Utah Metropolitan Area is at the top of the US metro growth list. Visitors see the beautiful homes being built and showcased, drive by incredible mountain scenery, and experience the warm winter climate SW Utah offers. We know a Vanderhall is a great way to enjoy it. But - what about a cool day?

Yesterday qualified - highs were in the mid-40's fahrenheit. Pictured here is test driver Craig - we were refilling the Vanderhall brochures that had disappeared the first days of the Parade at Parade Home #4, where the black Vanderhall is parked. The red Vanderhall above was just delivered to OpenRoadMotoSports, to help replenish a depleted inventory from recent sales.

Since Parade Home #4 is located in Hurricane, we hopped onto I15 and were quickly doing 70 mph. Feeling the cool breeze - ALAS - there was a solution - a heater with two blowers, and we turned those on full bore (pictured below). So we had the excitement of riding in a Vanderhall, along with the warmth of the blowers. Perfect Day.

In addition to the heaters, there are the seat warmers - so half your body is pressed against the seats. We were very comfortable! Additionally we blue-toothed in our phone's music, so we were enjoying the theme song from the Good, Bad, and Ugly. As is typical - we had many a rubber-necker - "did you see that - what the heck was it?"

So, cool or warm ... stop by and test drive a Vanderhall at Open Road Moto Sports, 1275 E. Red Hills Pkwy, next to St. George Shuttle. VANDERHALL - THE ROAD IS CALLING ! SW UTAH - AMAZING!

click here to watch Jay Leno's review:

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