Q:  How hard is a Vanderhall to drive?

       It is like your car.   A Vanderhall has an automatic transmission - you use Park, Reverse, and Drive.   All Vanderhalls are

       equipped with power steering and parking brake.  

Q:  Do I need a special endorsement on my driver's license?

       No.  You just need a driver's license and be 21 or older.  If you are from a foreign country, you will need an International

      drivers license, available here (expedited service available): 

Q:  Where would we drive to?

       From St. George, choice one is the drive to and through Zion National Park.  This is a half-day rental.  When through the

       park you can loop back, or head north or south.  We have maps and tips.  Utah and the region have majestic beauty

       known around the world.  Choice two would be a tossup - the North Rim of the Grand Canyon or Bryce Canyon National

       Park.  This is a full-day rental.  Simply driving to these areas in a Vanderhall makes it a special trip, and the unobstructed

       views are why visitors come here.   If you have just a couple of hours, there is plenty of beauty right here - we'll show you. 

Q:  Do you offer Tours?

       Yes.  We can provide a tour leading vehicle and host, with stops and routes customized to your desires.  Tell us what you

       desire in a tour, and we can customize it just for you or your group.  A Vanderhall tour in Utah and surrounding areas

       provides a very memorable experience.  If you are a single, you have a choice to either ride alongside a driver, or drive

       your own Vanderhall and follow the tour host.  If you are a family or group, you will have a driver and rider per vehicle.

Q:  What if it rains?

       Similar to a motorcycle - plan ahead and find cover.  The heater that blows hot air and the heated seats keep you warm

      even in cooler temperatures.  Carry a windbreaker with a hood, or poncho.

Q:  Can I take it on dirt or gravel roads?

       No - the clearance is too low.

Q:  I enjoy my tunes - can I listen to them while driving? 

      A bluetooth system with two very nice speakers allows you to listen to your favorite music and playlists.

Q:  Can my wife, husband, or fellow passenger drive?

       Of course!  There is a place on the waiver for additional driver's, and we just need to make copies of their driver's license

       for insurance and liability purposes.

Q:  I like to drive fast and dangerously.  What should I do?

       Don't.  We are the area dealer, so we will gladly sell you a high-performance Vanderhall and you choose how to drive it. 

       We want our rental fleet returned in the same condition it left in, and without damage.  Damage is expensive and time-

       consuming.  Your safety, passenger safety, and others traveling on the highways is our priority.  Please drive safely and

       obey traffic laws.

Q:  Insurance?

       We have a policy, and every renter is required to purchase  coverage.   It is $15.

Q:  I want to buy one.  Will you credit my rental charges?

       Yes - half your charges from your last rental will apply to your purchase!

Q:  Do you offer military discounts?

      Yes.   As an appreciation to our Active Duty  / Retired Military, Police and Fire Officers, we offer a 10% rental discount. 

      Sincerely - thank you for keeping us safe. 

Q:  Storage?

      Behind the driver's seat is a storage compartment.  Also, with the passenger seat in the back position, there is room for 

      storage by their feet.  Additionally we can provide an optional luggage rack that mounts behind the seats. 

Q:  Driving Tips?

      Enjoy the fresh air and unobstructed views ... perfect for picture taking from the Vanderhall.  The low clearance that makes

      for part of the outstanding driving experience also means be careful over bumps and avoid roadway obstructions.  The

      Vanderhall is meant for paved, smooth roadways.  The turning radius may be a little more than you are used to, so allow

      ample room, or use reverse, and then drive.  Also - careful pulling up to curbs and car stops - it is easy to be distracted

      since the views are so wonderful.  Pay careful attention to the front fender and make sure you have room when parking. 

      You will notice the braking is quicker with a lighter weight vehicle - so adjust your braking accordingly.  Be alert.

Q:  Are Helmets required or provided?

      Helmets are not required and are not provided, but you can bring and wear your own.  You will not be driving off-road -

      drive on paved roads only and obey traffic laws.   Like your car, a Vanderhall has seat belts, so please use those.