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Try One of These Ten When Stopped by a Police Officer in your Vanderhall

1) In return for not writing me a ticket today, what time should I show up at your house and let you drive it?

2) This is the first time my wife has let me drive this and I am not reading the dials correctly yet.

3) Shees – I didn’t realize this would go that fast. I’ll slow down.

4) I could have outrun you, but made the wise choice not to – so how about some mercy?

5) You are kidding – there is a speed limit on this stretch?

6) We just put this kit together and was making sure it was safe at all speeds (if they don’t know what a Vanderhall is).

7) I must have misread – I thought US89 meant an 89 mile per hour speed limit. I’ll know better next time ... have a nice day.

8) This was so thrilling of a ride that my bladder overreacted and I really need to go (first spill some water on your pant leg).

9) The cold I have caused me to go into a coughing frenzy and my foot pressed down on the accelerator. I am trying not to cough on you.

10) Oh my - I just realized I was short a wheel and wanted to make sure I could drive and accelerate with only three.

Disclaimer: I don't think any of these will work

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