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Try One of These Ten When Stopped by a Police Officer in your Vanderhall

1) In return for not writing me a ticket today, what time should I show up at your house and let you drive it?

2) This is the first time my wife has let me drive this and I am not reading the dials correctly yet.

3) Shees – I didn’t realize this would go that fast. I’ll slow down.

4) I could have outrun you, but made the wise choice not to – so how about some mercy?

5) You are kidding – there is a speed limit on this stretch?

6) We just put this kit together and was making sure it was safe at all speeds (if they don’t know what a Vanderhall is).

7) I must have misread – I thought US89 meant an 89 mile per hour speed limit. I’ll know better next time ... have a nice day.

8) This was so thrilling of a ride that my bladder overreacted and I really need to go (first spill some water on your pant leg).

9) The cold I have caused me to go into a coughing frenzy and my foot pressed down on the accelerator. I am trying not to cough on you.

10) Oh my - I just realized I was short a wheel and wanted to make sure I could drive and accelerate with only three.

Disclaimer: I don't think any of these will work

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Dec 14, 2020

I was stopped by Nevada Highway Patrol on Interstate 15 near Maopa. I was apparently doing 97 in a 75 zone. This thing just accelerates too quickly from 80-97. The Officer seemed very stern at first and I was sure I was about to get a very expensive ticket. He kept looking at my Blackjack and noticed the tags were new. The Officer said "so you are just getting used to this thing eh?" Yes sir that's it. He then started asking questions about the VH and said "well I have you at 97, I've never let anyone off for that speed but you are getting a warning, keep it under 80 and have fun, this thing is way cool."

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