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Touring in a Vanderhall

We have a few things for Vanderhall drivers to consider when planning a ride to enjoy St. George and beyond - our area attractions:

1) Our open air views are amazing. You can easily pull over and snap pictures while remaining inside. Have a plan for your camera use and batteries charged. You can take pictures while seated, or easily stop, hop out, snap, and back in.

2) Two seats, two riders, two drivers? If both love to drive, take time to share the wheel with a husband, wife, friend, or family member. It's easy to want to hog the wheel when it is so much fun to drive.

3) The thrill of the ride can consume you. Views of all the area natural attractions are amazing, but the Vanderhall drive creates excitement, and it is easy to forget about the spectacular landscape around you. You get a mix of driving thrills, amazing surrounding beauty, and then area attractions. It is easy to run out of time!

4) Allow time to explore. When you park in a parking lot, people are often as interested in the Vanderhall as the attraction. A Vanderhall IS the attraction. So you actually may need more time than you planned for, or what google or siri told you.

5) Enjoy the tour and your favorite tunes! All Vanderhalls are equipped with a bluetooth receiver and speakers. If you have downloaded music onto your phone, or have a favorite radio station or service on the Internet - you'll be able to listen through the left and right speakers. Also - there are tour apps that are aware of your location and will speak through your bluetooth connection on the Vanderhall at certain GPS points. Download one of these apps prior departure. Speaking of sound - the turbo is thrilling too!

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