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Lithium Ion Ebike Battery Pack Tips:

18650 Lithium Ion Battery

Pictured here: 18650 battery cell(s) likely inside your battery pack

- The battery pack may be charged after every use, or when low on charge level.

- The ebike lithium ion batteries have no memory effect, so you can charge the battery after short periods of use without any damage.

- The battery can be recharged on or off the bike. Your charger LED will be red when charging, and green when fully charged.

- Remove the battery from the bike frame by turning the key to unlock position, and carefully pulling the battery by the handle until the battery pack lifts out of the frame.

- After charging is complete, unplug the charger from the wall first, and then from the battery charging port.

- Check the charger, cables and battery for damage before beginning each charging session.

- Ideally charge your battery at common room temperatures, between 50-80 F. Also, as a best practice on lithium batteries … avoid temperature extremes when storing to increase lifespan and capacity.

- If you are storing your ebike for an extended period of time, charge the battery to 50 - 80% prior to departure, as your battery will lose a small percentage each month, and leaving a completely discharged lithium battery risks not being able to recharge it. Ideally your battery charge levels are kept between 20% and 80% (according to Tesla).

- Keep the charger in a safe place and away from children.

- We recommend not charging the battery with chargers other than the original.

- Avoid charger contact with liquids and/or other metal objects.

- When in use, the charger should not be covered as to prevent overheating, damage, or fire. Chargers will feel hot when plugged in and charging

- The charger is only for indoor use in a dry and ventilated area. Always charge in dry conditions and away from direct sunlight.

- If you notice a smell coming from the charger, or it is too hot, stop charging immediately and contact your service center.

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