Ebike Safe Riding Tips

Here are a few safe riding suggestions and practices for you ebike:

- Off-road riding presents many hazards, such as loose dirt, obstacles, sharp objects resulting in flat tires, and other difficult to see and avoid conditions. Only skilled and confident riders should be riding off-road.

- Wear an approved helmet and appropriate clothing that can include gloves, wrist, knee, elbow and eye protection. Failure to use appropriate safety equipment greatly increases the risk of serious injury.

- Most Ebikes are designed for use by persons 16 years-old and above. You are assuming risks if you let someone younger than 16-years-old ride the bicycle. Check the local and state laws regarding age limitations on public roads, streets and paths.

- Riders should have the physical coordination, reaction time and the mental capacity to ride and manage traffic, road conditions, and sudden situations, as well as respect and obey the laws governing bicycle use where they ride. Common Sense!

- If you have an impairment or disability, consult your physician, family, and friends before riding any bicycle.

- You should be securely mounted, ready to ride, before turning on the ebike.

- Long hair, loose clothing, or loose items worn by the rider should be covered to prevent entanglement in moving parts of the machine or surroundings while riding. Secure your clothing with a leg band or wear active shorts, if possible.

- Turn off the battery before making any chain or derailleur inspections or adjustments. Any turning of the cranks will cause the motor to engage, causing potential injury.

Consider these “DO NOT” tips:

o Do not touch any moving or hot parts.

o Do not ride at night without lighting or under low visibility conditions.

o Do not ride on steep or uneven surfaces unless you are highly skilled.

o Do not exceed the weight limit. Heavier riders may significantly reduce performance and/or render the ebike unstable and/or over-tax the brakes and other control devices.

o We recommend one rider, the operator, and no passengers, unless the bike model is specifically designed to carry them.

o And of course the obvious ... don't ride impaired or distracted.

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