There are four required steps to rental - booking, the contract (also known as "the waiver"), insurance,

and damage deposit (also known as "pre-authorization"):

  1. To book -  click on the BOOK NOW button below.  It will show you availability and pricing on the booking screen.  When you book, it will require a credit  or debit card as you are reserving a vehicle and removing it from available inventory.   If you have to cancel your confirmed reservation after booking, charges may apply:  up to 72 hours prior, no charge;  48 hours prior, 50% charge;  24 hours prior, 100% charge.  

       2. As part of the booking process, you must agree to the rental "terms and conditions," also known as the required waiver. 


      3. The required Insurance Coverage is provided by MBA Insurance - you may click here or below, and purchase now (within 7

           days of rental, or do so on the day of rental).  You will enter policy number 202402 and submit the required payment ($15.).

      4.  We will run your credit card on the day of rental for the required Damage Deposit "pre-authorization," confirm your driver’s

             license, and make a copy of it for our rental records.​  When the rental is returned, the vehicle is examined for damage.  When

             there is none, the damage deposit authorization is voided.  If there is damage, parts or all of the damage deposit are held

            while a repair estimate is incurred, claims are filed, and losses are determined. 

            NOTE:  Loss determination can take an extended period of time, based on a variety of factors - most outside our control.

            Please drive safely and with care and caution!

QUESTIONS?  Call us now:   435-218-7790

POLICY 202402